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  Left to Right:
Savannah (11), Karen, Brace, Penelope (5), and Karstin Lake (12)
Starting last September 2002 I opened my newest business venture Homework Garden. A year later we moved OUT OF THE HOUSE into a 3800 square foot facility at 30052 Aventura, Suite B in Rancho Santa Margarita. Next Monday, January 5th at 9:00AM in room 19 I will be speaking at the Portola Hills Elementary PTA meeting on Organizing your Child for 2004. Come support me and learn the secrets of doing effective homework without all those late nights. And if you can't do mornings, come check out our new digs at the Homework Garden Grand Opening on Thursday, January 29th from 6-8 in RSM. We'll have face painting, prizes, food, and the grand prize, FREE homework support for the rest of the school year!

We went on our annual garage door business-sponsored vacation, and this year it was Hawaii! You'll see Brace in the mouth of danger, kayaks, scuba diving, the whole crew with the Heers' Family, and even a wild turkey hunt. The Primary program at church sponsored a Daddy Daughter Sock-Hop and they asked Brace for his slick motorcycle for pictures. See the girls posing on the motorcycle and Dad blowing bubbles.

Karstin won an award in the Art Reflections contest and was all jazzed! Savannah and I experienced Colonial Days with Mrs. Fankhauser's 5th grade class. This month the whole family went to Holy Jim Canyon. Savannah had her piano play-in and we had our annual Mother's Day Concert in honor of my mother Jerry Paulus. I am the Children's Choir Director at church and I planned the first ever Primary Talent Show.

I was lucky enough to fly to Utah for a Freshman Year BYU Reunion to see all my old friends from Deseret Towers. I stayed with a dear friend Carolyn Hatch in Bountiful. We celebrated Brace's birthday but we have NO pictures. My bad! Penelope attended the Easter Egg Hunt at the park and the highlight of April was our temple tour ending at The Venetian in Las Vegas. We visited the Salt Lake Conference Center, SLC Temple, Jordan River Temple, Provo Temple, Timpanogos Temple, and the St. George Temple.

Penelope's birthday was the highlight of May and even included Beauty our snake. ( See birthday picture link. ) I got to see Karstin's Greek play at school. Karstin had her first piano recital with her new teacher Cathy Tibbits and Savannah had her piano recital with Aleli Tibay.

I chaperoned at the 6th grade school dance so Karstin could attend. She actually loved having me there - not sure how long that will last but I can dream. I just love her wholesome friends! It was the last day of preschool with Robyn Giarrusso for Penelope and Karstin won the Presidential 6th Grade Academic Award. Savannah did sign language for America the Beautiful during the Patriotic Performance and made a lasting impression by passing out in the middle of the program from lack of food and locking her knees.

July is our busiest month every year which included Karstin's birthday, Family Camp, a Lake Family Reunion, ice skating lessons, Kara's wedding, Pioneer Day with Brace winning the pie eating contest, Penelope rock climbing, and of course swimming lessons.

My father Albert Paulus still works almost full time as a Plant Pathologist even though he retired two years ago. He keeps busy with the Strawberry Board, UCR, and other groups that pay his way to receive his wise counsel. Karstin flew to visit her family in Utah while Savannah flew to Colorado to see her family. Brace is home late in August due to the Anaheim Home Show. This year Karstin wanted her monthly Daddy Daughter date to be the Home Show and she bought a new Australian Hat. The company liked her so much they put her picture on their website.

Penelope started kindergarten with Mrs. Foster, Savannah started 6th grade with Mr. Anderson and Karstin started Junior High School. I also included pictures from our weekly taco Sunday. In September Penelope and I joined Savannah in piano lessons. We had our first Piano Play-in in December and I was nervous, as I was the ONLY adult. Singing is fine but this playing the piano thing really racks my brain.

Karstin was asked to participate in an invitational piano festival at the college and last Spring Karstin auditioned for the Orange County High School for the Arts for their visual arts program and made it! She started this September and we are lucky enough to be in a five-person Portola carpool to Santa Ana. I love Karstin's wholesome friends, which include Sasha and Zoe. Karstin was able to attend Sasha's Bat Mitzvah this month and Brace went on a Mancation (vacation with men and motorcycles with no women allowed) and of course we had Karen's birthday, the Halloween Parade, the block party and trick or treating. The girls decided they wanted to be twins so we got two sets of identical costumes!

Brace's parents Boyd and Dale Lake got transferred from their lush LDS Hawaii mission to the a hut on Christmas Island, which is very far from Paradise or anywhere for that matter. Penelope had her Kindergarten Pow Wow at the school with all the other classes. What a zoo! We had a great Thanksgiving at my sister Diane's house in Moreno Valley with Scott doing most of the cooking. Savannah turned 11 and took her friends to the Discovery Science Center for the big day. Penelope moved in with Savannah and Karstin is happy to say she now has her very own room. Savannah and Penelope are in heaven; playing together for hours in their messy room.

We had a very musical Christmas with the girls singing in Sing Noel, Follow the Star, the Ward Christmas Program and the kindergarten Holiday Program. We had the annual Breakfast with Santa, Christmas Caroling Party here at our house, Lake Christmas in Anaheim at Ben & Leslie's house, and even a visit to the Mission Inn with my Dad and my big brother, David.

  We know we are very blessed. We've had our ups and downs as everyone does, but for some reason the camera only comes out in happy times. We hope you have enjoyed a piece of our happy life.


Brace, Karen, Karstin, Savannah and Penelope Lake

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