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Left to Right:
Karstin (13), Penelope (6) and Savannah (12)

Picture taken by Carole Brown - Didn't she do a great job!


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Karen's 3 Disclaimers

1. The newsletter length has grown to be a book. We don't expect you to read every word but in our traditional style you can browse the events or people that are of interest. All the blue links go to pictures so that you can actually view the event!

2. Some of you may wonder - why does Karen do this crazy newsletter? Does she think that people really care that much? Well to be honest I love to hear from you. Most of you tell me about your lives before or after the newsletter, which is my absolute favorite! And last but not least it gives me the motivation to finish my annual photo books.

3. Brace was kind enough to write it this year so read at your own risk. He is not always known for being appropriate. I think that is the nice way of saying thatů


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